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The ideal luxury treatment for beauty, relaxation or indulgence that provides positive, professional results.

Hair removal

Waxing is a highly effective method for short to medium-term hair removal - but for longer term solutions, Laser Hair Reduction is the ideal way to make an area more manageable.


A Sorella speciality, we take care to ensure your brows are shaped or tinted to frame and compliment your face shape.


Even out your natural tan, get ready for summer. Or just bronze up for a special occasion such as formals/balls and events, or even a hot date. Substantially safer than the tanning bed and/or harmful UV rays, a spray tan is a quick and easy feel good treatment for any time of the year.


Stop the clock. Take a breath…. and rediscover yourself. Because feeling good never goes out of style, our therapists at Sorella Beauty will help you feel rejuvenated and feeling good. With a sharp focus on personal care, pampering and luxury through waxing, laser hair removal, Brazilians, facials and more, Sorella Beauty is empowering women and men to feel their best. Located on the Third Floor of Chartwell Shopping Centre, visit Sorella Beauty today.

Because feeling good never goes out of style.

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